Growing up in a working-class immigrant family, I didn't have early connections with artists, but I found my passion for communicating through images and symbols. Inspired by other artists' stories, I journeyed to understand the world and my place in it. As an animator, I specialize in character-driven stories, creating animated films across various media formats and skillfully blending animation and graphic design techniques.

My professional journey began as a Freelancer Motion Designer, producing animations for studios and publishers in São Paulo, Brazil. Seeking to enhance my skills, I pursued a post-graduation program in classical Animation at Vancouver Film School in 2014. During this intensive year-long program, I honed my animation abilities and techniques.

In 2015 I co-founded Motionauts with Andrea Castillo, establishing a small yet dynamic online animation studio based in Bogotá, DC, Colombia. Our studio has successfully delivered animated projects for esteemed clients, including studios, agencies, and artists from Canada, the United States, South America, and Japan.

Continuing my pursuit of artistic growth, I relocated to the Netherlands in 2020 to pursue a Master of Animation degree at the esteemed Master Institute of Visual Cultures - AKV|St. Joost academy. This chapter of my studies focused on storytelling, enabling me to discover my unique approach to narrative.

With a genuine dedication to my craft, I am constantly inspired to create captivating animations that resonate with audiences. I invite you to join me on this artistic journey as we bring stories to life through animation.
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